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Caliwel (tm) Anti-Microbial CoatingAlistagen Corporation




Anti-microbial Paint

Caliwel (tm) application.

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Caliwel™ paint is the revolutionary anti-microbial surface coating. The specially incorporated BNA™ Bi-Neutralizing Agent micro-encapsulated calcium hydroxide keeps working stays active for six years. The ideal solution to recurrent mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and algae growth on surfaces. Application to surfaces prepared with acrylic primer recommended. Caliwel™ is available in ten standard colors and custom colors upon request. USEPA Registration Number 73696-2.
Some Applications Are:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Clean Rooms
  • Dental Offices
  • laboratories
  • Operating Rooms
  • Recreation Rooms
  • Schools
  • Shower Rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Checking containers
  • And many others

* Caliwel contains an anti-microbial active ingredient, calcium hydroxide that protects both the liquid coating and the dried coatings surfaces.

Building Magazine Top 100 Product 2002Caliwel™ is VOC free! 

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NEW! CaliWEL HVAC Duct CoatingCaliwel HVAC duct coating

A building's duct system can be a hiding place and incubator for common microorganisms such a odor causing bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. Building occupants are exposed to the toxic effects of these contaminants picked up by the air stream and discharged into living spaces. Using Caliwel™ HVAC (heating, ventilation & cooling) system coating and will inhibit the growth of these microorganisms on the coating's surface after it has been applied to the inside of the ductwork and plenums of your HVAC system.

Caliwel™ HVAC is specially formulated to adhere to galvanized steel duct work. 

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Caliwel kills mold.



Colors: Caliwel™ is available in industrial white and ten standard colors and comes in both 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes. Custom colors are also available. Contact us.
 Calm Haven (green) Use Caliwel™ Prep to prepare porous surfaces for Caliwel™ paint.
 Clear Horizon (pink)
 Comfort Zone (blue) Caliwel™ Industrial prevents microbial growth inside stud walls, crawlspaces, attics, cellars, and other hidden spaces. It's great under wallpaper!
 Guardian (white)
 Guardian Industrial (white)
 Peaceful Glow (yellow)  
 Rest Assured (crème) Caliwel Material Safety Data Sheets
 Serene Harbor (beige w/ blue hue)

Caliwel™ Paint MSDS

 Trusted Fortress (off-white) Caliwel™ Industrial & HVAC MSDS
 Twilight Sentry (gray) Caliwel™ Prep MSDS
 Warm Hearth (beige)
*Color shown may not be accurate due to variation in monitors.
Pricing:   M.S.R.P. 1 Gallon - $69.00,  5 Gallon - $345.00      Buy Caliwel at our everyday low discount price!
Anti-microbial Chemistry: BNA™ Micro-encapsulated calcium hydroxide is effective against mold, mildew, and bacteria.
Coverage: One gallon of Caliwel™ will cover approximately 300 square feet. 
                      A minimum application of two (2) coats is recommended.
Square Footage Recommended Number of Gallons (based on two coat application)
500 sq. ft. 4
1500 sq. ft. 10
3000 sq. ft. 24
6000 sq. ft. 48
8000 sq. ft. 64
Maintenance: Clean up with soap and water. Do not scrub off protective coating.
How Supplied: One and five gallon containers
FEATURES: Custom colors available from the factory. Ask us.

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