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A Fair No Nonsense Approach

The internet is merely a new mode of communication and commerce. We believe that the time honored traditions of integrity in business still hold true.

Design and Technology

This site is designed for the viewers ease of use. To this end we will not use frames, spawning windows, or other confusing web devices. We will place only user initiated downloads on our site and will include only requested attachments in our e-mail. We test our pages during development for broken links, errors, and to make sure they display quickly on dial up computers. Each page has been formatted for ease of printing.

If you encounter a mistake we would appreciate knowing about it. We will not display "under construction" logos when a simple explanation of intent will do.

Mailing Lists

In business mailing lists containing your personal information and buying preferences are known as "good will". Our success depends upon treating our customers with courtesy in order to earn your trust and keep your good will. The only way to get on our mailing list is to request information of us, or purchase a product or service. We do not use log files or other means to get names for our mailing list. Carefully kept mailing lists are a saleable commodity. Before considering sale of a list to a third party we take into account the worth of what they have to sell to you. You may request that your information not be transferred to third parties or not included in future offers at any time.

With over ten years of consulting experience we know trust is the cornerstone of our business. We will never divulge the identity, proprietary information, or regulatory compliance history to third parties of our clients without their permission.

Secure Purchases

We have exercised extreme care in securing our website against intrusion. By choosing JUMPLINE.COM a reputable internet services provider to maintain our secure server. Click on the JUMPLINE.COM logo below to find out more about their security program.

When you buy from us using your credit card, your information is enciphered for transmission over the internet. The PAYPAL e-commerce software uses secure SSL encryption technology to secure your information for transmission to their secure commerce server.



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