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Causes of OSHA Citations

The bench grinder is an often cited shop tool.





Use a 1/4" gauge and a log sheet to keep the tool rest on your bench grinder in compliance.



OSHA's Top 25 Cited Standards

  1. No Lock Out / Tag Out procedures.
  2. No written Employee Hazard Communication program.
  3. Poor or non-existent machine guarding.
  4. No employee Hazard Communication training.
  5. No or improper labels on hazardous materials.
  6. No or incomplete (columns not totaled) OSHA 200 illness & injury log.
  7. Missing or inadequate MSDSs.
  8. Improper guarding of ropes, belts, chains, and drives.
  9. Denied access to employee medical records.
  10. Guarding of abrasive wheel machinery (misadjusted tool rests on tool guards).
  11. Flexible electrical cords and cables.
  12. No or inadequate respiratory protection program.
  13. Broken or missing electrical cabinets, boxes, and fittings.
  14. Improperly stored flammable and combustible liquids.
  15. Improper electrical grounding.
  16. Improper guarding of pulleys.
  17. Improper use of abrasive wheel machinery.
  18. No OSHA poster displayed.
  19. Electrical safety general requirements.
  20. No or non-working emergency drenching showers.
  21. Open sided floors with no guardrails or toe boards.
  22. No guarding of gears, sprockets, and chains.
  23. No or improper personal protective equipment.
  24. Poor housekeeping.
  25. Inadequate or removed guards on radial arm saws.



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